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Fertilization Tips

Tree Nutrition & Fertilizing

Trees require certain essential elements to function and grow. Fertilizing a tree can increase growth, reduce susceptibility to certain diseases and pests, and can help reverse declining health.

Deciduous Trees (those which drop their leaves in the fall)

  • Fertilize yearly (in spring) with Tree Tone or any granular tree fertilizer with a ratio of 9-5-4 . This will feed your trees and fortify their nutrition in any areas that may be lacking in your soil.
  • Prune/Trim only dead growth as needed.
  • Prune/Trim suckers off of fruiting trees (Crabapple, Cherry, Plum , etc.) as needed. Suckers are branches that have no flowers and generally grow at unusual angles in a very straight habit. They are very obvious.

Evergreen Trees (Spruce, Pine, Hemlock, Fir, etc.)

    • Fertilize yearly (in spring) with Holly Tone, a granular fertilizer with a ratio of 4-6-4 . This fertilizer is formulated specifically for Evergreens (both trees and shrubs) and targets the specific needs of these types of plantings.
    • Trim only dead growth as needed, brown branches, etc. If you notice a general "yellowing" of the tree you may need to add a granular fertilizer such as "Dry Roots," which helps to prevent your trees from drowning in heavy clay.



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