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While a well-maintained, healthy tree (given the conditions it requires) should have few if any problems, it is a good idea to know the symptoms of some of the major tree pests and diseases. Prompt action can often stop problems from worsening. You can also take steps to improve growing conditions, which may help prevent pests and diseases from taking hold in the future.

Discolored Leaves
Caused by drought, the shriveling and discoloring of leaves is particularly likely to affect young trees, or trees grown in containers. In some cases, leaves may drop. Water well, especially in dry spells.

Leaves with Holes
Chewed-up leaves are usually caused by caterpillars. Either pick them off by hand or tackle by spraying. Several trees are likely to be attacked; they include maples, bays, and crabapples.

Malformed Leaves
The new foliage on some trees is attacked by aphids. They are attracted by the sap but can be repelled by chemical sprays. Maples, bays, crabapples, and ornamental cherries are susceptible.

Peach Leaf Curl
An overwintering fungus causes the leaves of peach, nectarine, and almond trees to become puckered with red blisters in the spring and early summer. Sprays are available but have little impact.

Honey Fungus
White, mushroom-scented fungus can appear at any time, just under the bark, with brown or black strands. Clumps of toadstools may appear around the tree. Remove the whole tree, including the roots.

Cracked Stems or Bark
When young or tender trees are exposed to icy temperatures, or to sudden temperature changes, the stems may split. Avoid this by planting tender trees in warm, well-protected sites.

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