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Seasonal Tips



If the weather gets real bad and the wind begins to blow, please consider calling Better Tree Service to evaluate any possible risk to your property from trees. It is not uncommon to find cracks in stems and branches after a storm. While in your yard playing in the leafy pile, (as mentioned above) look up at your trees. Look for any hanging branches or abnormal lean to the trunk. This is an unsafe sign. (However, you in the pile of leaves is a good sign that your neighbors will talk about you, but then it opens dialog that may have never happened and a friendship may result.)

Finally, if you have a tree care question or concern please feel free to call in and schedule an appointment with Better Tree Service.



As noted in other pages on this site, even though trees can't talk, they can tell you a lot. Spring and early summer are especially good times to "read your trees". Here are some tree issues you'll want to look for:

Color of the leaves

  • Off-color leaves may be an indication of a nutrient deficiency in the soil. They may also be a sign that, for some reason, the tree's root system is incapable of extracting the necessary nutrients-even though the nutrients are present. For instance, iron chlorosis causes progressive yellowing of newly emerging leaves in oaks and other species. Nitrogen deficiency also causes yellowing, but affects the oldest leaves the most.
  • Certain trees are susceptible to diseases that cause a distinctive change of leaf color. Premature fall coloration during the summer is generally an indication of a problem below ground that is creating stress conditions for the tree.

Something wrong with the leaves

  • An upward curling of the leaf margin (a kind of a cupping effect) is the classic symptom of damage from herbicides. Has your lawn, or a neighbor's, been sprayed for weeds recently?
  • Distorted leaves may be evidence of sucking insect damage, or the presence of a disease organism.

Thinness of the canopy

  • Typically, when the uppermost part of the tree's canopy begins to thin, the condition is characterized as decline. However, decline can have several causes, sometime acting in combination, that are treatable.
  • Does your tree look like a telephone pole-that is straight-where it enters the ground, or does it have a natural root flair? The combinations of thin crown and telephone appearance usually indicate that the tree's roots have been covered with fill. Have a professional evaluate the tree's chances and prescribe treatment.
  • The combination of thin crown and flat trunk ON ONE SIDE are the symptoms of a root that is literally strangling the tree.

No leaves, or losing leaves

  • If your favorite tree has failed to produce leaves this season, you have reason to be concerned, especially if you have other trees of the same species in your yard. Sometimes, quick action is required to keep a serious problem from spreading.
  • If your tree loses all your most of its leaves during the growing season, again, sound the alarms! This may be a sign of a very serious disease or a leaf-eating insect. Either way, trees cannot survive for long if they are repeatedly defoliated.

If you are unsure about your tree's health, consult a professional arborist who will identify and remove hazards as well as treat the causes of tree health problems.




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